Monday, November 08, 2004

No CCHS show. (for now)

Well I just got the offical word from the CCHS administration today which was, "Nothing doing until after the first of the year". (well you know, not in those exact words. They said it much more proffesionally than that. As you would expect from high school office staff)

But we aren't going to wait that long to play in that area again, it's already been close to a year. We are exploring other options like having it in corydon somewhere or somewhere else that is reasonably close. Surely to god there is a Knights of Columbus or a V.F.W. somewhere in the area.

I can promise you that we WILL be playing somewhere in the Crawford County area before the end of the year.

Rest assured.

check us out if you like incubus, 311, or tool
"The Endless Smokebreak"


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