Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Tyler Recommends......

Here are a few bands and albums that I recommend you check out.

First off is 311's Greatest hits.

I owe so much to this band that it is just flat out stupid. My drumming, My songwriting, My outlook on life.....

This is the band that made me want to play music. This is the band that made me pick up a bass guitar when I was a freshman in high school. This is the band that has helped me through everything in my life.

I love the fact that they've kept up with a message of positivity and unity throughout their career. So many bands take the easy way out today and try to appeal to peoples anger and agression. 311 tries to appeal to what is best in all of us. They try to help us see the world in a different light and understanding.

To me, music can have no higher accomplishment than making people feel uplifted and happy. Call me naieve, and you will, but I don't care. I'm a naieve optimist.

I will feel very fortunate if Full-Tilt can affect people in the ways that this band has affected me

And then there is Dream Theater - Scenes From a Memory.

There isn't Much to say about Dream Theater other than "WOW"

You'll be listening to this and thinking "Is that possible on a guitar?" "I didn't know a drumset could do that!

This is an album that you listen to to be inspired, as a musician, to strive to better yourself on your respective instrument, and as a drummer, you can do no better than mike portnoy for inspiration.

There are other Dream Theater albums that feature even more musicianship than this one but if you've never experienced Dream Theater before then this is the one to cut your teeth on.

"The Endless Smokebreak"
Check us out if you like Incubus, 311, Or Maroon 5


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