Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Where does Full-Tilt come from?

When we were forming, the worst arguments would come over what to name the band.

We all had what we thought were fantastic ideas.

For my part, I wanted to to name the band "Water" (if you really want to know why then leave a comment and I'll explain)

Everybody had a bunch of names and we were going back and forth until one day we were sitting in my house before a practice, going over this debate for the 486,098,807 time and then, just to get it over with, we decided to pick two objects that were around us.

Those two objects ended up being Zack's "Full-Tilt" snowboarding hat and Zack's car, a "Mirage".

We ended up going back and forth on those two, making up logos, checking domain name availability, etc.. etc..

I'll say that Dale and myself wanted to name the band "Mirage", (and my "Mirage" logo was way cooler than Dale's "Full-Tilt" logo)but, we eventually just put it to a vote and Zack, Jason, and Mark voted for Full-Tilt.

That's the good thing about being a 5 piece band, when you put stuff to a vote, you don't get a tie.

And so it was that we became "Full-Tilt", the band you know and love today.

The Endless Smokebreak


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