Sunday, December 05, 2004

A Great night.......

yesterday night was probably one of the funnest gigs we've played in a long time.

Big thanks to Evan Newton for putting us on the show.

It was sad to see a great band like redboxnow call it quits but things have to change. That's the nature of life. All things end and from endings come new beginnings.

I won't bore you with a detailed review of the show so here are my highlights.

Xr900 - just go to and see for yourself. this is some of the most hilarious stuff that has ever been released. go now.

Cliche suicide plot - Fantastic energy and musicianship.

1956 - These guys are fantastic and it says something that kids from 6 hours away are coming to a city park shelter house to see them. These guys drove all the way from Milwaulkee to play (for the third time). That says alot about them. Hardworking and awesome musicians.

30mpn - I'm glad that these guys are going to continue in some fashion. Passion is something that's sorely lacking in music today and it's also something that these guys have in spades.

Redboxnow - Although these guys are in a genre that i normally wouldn't listen to, there's no denying talent and last night they showed it. With two new bands coming from the remains of this band it is certain that this talent will not go to waste.

The Endless Smokebreak


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