Friday, January 14, 2005

Road Tripping


Tomorrow we are supposed to be heading out for a road gig in St. Louis.
Should be fun. But the weather looks like it might be a little bit shitty so we might be having to call that one off.

We're supposed to be playing a place called the "Ten Mile House" on the northern outskirts of St. Louis thanks to some cool guys we might the last time we played there in July called "Essence Of Logic". Pretty cool guys with a good sound going for them.

But anyway, we're all looking forward to this because the last road trip we took to Nashville was a lot of fun. We played this place called "The Runway" which was quite literally at the end of a runway by the airport. It was a good experience to get out and about and play somewhere besides the Louisville Area.

Hopefully mother nature won't steal another roadtrip out from under us.

"The Endless Smokebreak"


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