Friday, January 21, 2005

St. Louis Recap

Well where do we begin?

We played in St. Louis this past saturday at a place called "The Ten Mile House".
The place was kind of a sports bar on the southern outskirts of St. Louis.

Unbeknownst to us the St. Louis Rams were playing a playoff game against the Atlanta Falcons.

We had to wait until the game was finished before we could play and so during the interal that we were waiting we enjoyed a few free beers from the bar. Jason got a quite a strong buzz going.

His first words on the mic (after the rams lost mind you) were:

"So the rams lost tonight. That sucks doesn't it. Doesn't that suck? Here's our first song........"

I thought for sure that we were going to have beer bottles pelted at us and have to run out of the place, BUT, we ended up going over extremely well with the crowd.

You see, for whatever reason, despite the fact that the place was a sportsbar it was a pretty even mix between people who were there to see the game and people who were there to see the bands.

For the second gig in a row we experienced the "Drunk guy on stage giving you props" phenomenon. Two guys that just absolutley loved us for one reason or another had to get on-stage and snatch the mic from Jason and tell everyone "Southern Indiana BITCHES! Represent!"

Man what an evening.

The worst part of the trip was when the bitch at the hotel counter stopped me and dale from getting some continental breakfast because apparently (even though there was no sign, I looked) Breakfast in St. Louis ends at 9:30 in the morning.

Road Trips are Fun.

"The Endless Smokebreak"


Blogger Shangrulaa said...

Actually it was Tyler and Mark who were denied contenental breakfast, Daele was to busy cleaning up his bed from the vomit the night before... ;)

9:04 PM  

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