Monday, January 03, 2005

WE got played on XM radio

Last night, Dale and I were gathered around the XM radio demo unit at Wal-Mart Listenting to XM radio's channel 52 - unsigned. It was an exciting thing. Hearing your music being played nationwide.

I mean come on! DOZENS of people nationwide were listening to us!

I tried to tell the lady at electronics that "Hey MY band is on the radio!" and she just smiled and nodded as if to say "Oh sure. Your band is on the radio. right"

It was quite hilarious actually.

Click this link here and check it out.

Click the link at the bottom for "archives" then click the link for january 1st.

I submitted a cd to the channel back in september and didn't expect to hear anything else about it. So it was a pleasant surprise when I checked the band e-mail this past friday and received and e-mail stating that we were going to be PLAYED!

Probably nothing will come of it. But for about 5 minutes in the Wal-Mart electronics section it was pretty sweet.

send an e-mail to to request our song - "A life without life"

And if you have XM radio, give channel 52 a listen to hear us getting some spins.

The Endless Smokebreak


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