Saturday, March 05, 2005

WHAT'S THIS? @ n3\/\/ p05t?

Yes. Ph3@r my !337 p057!|\| g

It's a been a little bit since my last post.
So I'm overdue to talk to you guys about what's been going with us.


First off, Indianapolis has some funny as shit bandnames.
I was up at the vogue theater this past thursday night to draw our date for the
2005 BENCHMARK BATTLE OF THE BANDS and some of the band names this year were just great.

For example:
Karate Explosion
Mr. Miyagi
Free Smut
Bunny Wabbit and the Wock and Woll Pwayboys

And in a particularly cruel twist of fate: "Greg-o-rama" and "O-rama" will be battling on the same night.

So anyway, If your over 21 come check us out on Wed. April 27th.

And if you aren't doing anything this thursday, Come check us out at dick's bodacious bar-b-q right next to the vogue theater in Broad Ripple Village.


We will be playing in Terre Haute, In at the 4th quarter on Friday April 29th.
I'll get more details posted here, (time, cover, age) when we get them confirmed.


We were selcted to play the 4th annual Six Flags Rock-n-ride festival.
Many thanks to Lesa Seibert and the rest of the gang at THIRSTY MELON PRODUCTIONS for the opportunity.

When we know what particular date and time we are going to play we'll post it here and at the shows page at


Many thanks to Kristen King for helping us get back there. Tentative date is going to be sometime in May. As soon as we know the details we'll put them up and here and at the shows page at

OTHER S|-| ! 7.

Some other things looming on the horizon include another show at beechwood park and a show at the spot in Salem, IN.

Talk to you soon.
"The Endless Smokebreak"


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