Saturday, April 02, 2005

yeah. you fell for it.

So I got a wild-hair up my ass yesterday and decided to try my hand at an April FoolsPrank,

Here' s what happend in case you missed it.

At around 2:00 p.m. yesterday I sent out this e-mail


Writing to tell you about some big developments going on with us.

First off, I am leaving the band, I am flat out sick and tired of
putting up with all of you. You guys aren't worthy to hear my music
and i'm sick and tired of dealing with all of you.

I want to do something harder, With nothing but screaming and
blast beats and lyrics that are hurtful and offensive.

So if any of you are looking for a drummer for such a project
then drop me a line at my new e-mail address

AS for the rest of the guys, I believe that Zack will take up
scottish curling as his next "EXTREME" sport thing or whatever
that crap is he's into.

Tyler/Drummer/April 1st

Ps. Dale is dead.
Pps. Mark is really straight.

I also updated the front page of with this message


I write this with great excitement in my heart, At long last i'm finally quitting this shitty band. I'm starting a new band that reflects my new outlook on life.

I'm starting a new project, It's going to be nothing but screaming and blast beats and lyrics that are hurtful and offensive. It's going to be epic, Songs that are 45 mins long, lyrics that talk about beating kids and the elderly, and liner notes that are hardcore porno. I'm going to call this band "April 1st"

If any of you would like to get in on this then please drop a line to me at my e-mail address

Until I see you again, I hope you all get cancer.

I then went and made posts on The factor9 forums, 812smoo, and the crimsondust board.

Then, I just sat back and waited to see what happened.
Here's some of the best responses to the e-mail I sent out.

Clay Nevels ( wrote:
"U know... i wouldve believed it until you said mark was straight...:)"

Mark Craycraft ( wrote:
"Good luck wth everything"

P.J. Gibson ( wrote:
"Dude, lyrically we're right up your alley,

check us out and go to the sounds page.

We need a drummer that can slam double kicks and toms out the yin yang. And id this is an April Fools joke, then never mind ahahahahhaa.."

Kristen King ( wrote:
" dork...that better have been a friggin April Fools Day prank...!!!!! Love ya'll...see ya ;)"

Jamie Powell ( wrote:
"Well ur music is great I listen to it all the time. I guess this band is going to Hell and back well ill go 4 now but im dissapointed."

Paul Hart ( wrote:
"You guys arent really quitting are you?"

Mike Helton ( wrote:
"Nice email! I was like, what the hell? April fools! I'm slow."

Eddy Metal ( wrote:
"Lol. That was funny"

I promise next year will be funnier.

"The Endless Smokebreak"


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